About Us

We stand by fair and transparent tipping!

The idea for Gratuu came about in 2014 after an embarrassing experience in a restaurant when founder Renate Kalnina realised she didn’t have any change to leave a tip and the restaurant couldn’t facilitate tips through card machines.

“Some years back I was on a receiving end and I know how important tips are to those working in the service industry. Also, I experienced how unfairly ‘service charges’ and cash tips can be managed. There is a big trust issue and many customers choose not to leave tips through card machines unless they know restaurant very well. There is very little transparency and that’s why I came up with an idea for Gratuu!”

With countries moving towards cashless societies, those working in cash-in-hand economies, such as tipping, increasingly face reduced cash inflows. People just simply carry less cash around. Also, there is a high degree of mistrust around tipping through card machines because you never know where it ends up. Thus we utilise technology to address the issue of ethical, fair and transparent tipping.

Gratuu is a collaborative partnership between founder Renate Kalnina and technical lead Lee Hazlehurst.

We earn our income by charging fixed fee of 3.5% on tip donations.

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